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Aastha Investigation Agency- All You Need to Know!

Aastha Investigation Agency is a reputed, expertise, reliable investigation agency in Kolkata. They professionally handle all the cases and provide a perfect solution to them. Aastha Investigation Agency has expanded its working area all over India since 2010 with its legacy and dedication. 

This private detective agency has become a well-known detective agency by providing convenient and successful solutions to all the crucial cases they got. Moreover, they have included several professional staff who are proficient enough in exact case examination with fine case analysis. Besides, with advanced technology and vast experience, the Aastha investigation agency can solve your issue within few moments, no matter what kind of issue you have.

We will discuss the various type of investigation services that the Aastha investigation Agency provides for their client’s satisfaction in this article. It would be best to read the article before you approach us without any hesitation.



Types of services 


You can avail of different kinds of investigation services such as pre-matrimonial investigation, post-matrimonial investigation, pre-employment verification services, etc. Furthermore, Aastha Investigation Agency provides some special services like missing person detection, surveillance, legal services, etc. according to their client’s need. You will get a brief description of their exclusive services here.


i) Pre-employment verification


You can validate the credential of particular candidates with the help of our pre-employment verification services. Many people try to fake their educational details to get convenient jobs with good salary packages. You will be able to detect those fake candidates with the help of our verification process. Moreover, it will help you to find out the worthy employees for your company.


ii) Post-employment verification


You can observe the activities of the employees of your company with our post-employment verification process. If you doubt any of your employees, simply call us, and we will help you to recognize that particular employee of your organization. Moreover, you can prevent data leaks or any kind of fraudulence successfully by taking the assist of our post-employment verification services. 


iii) Pre-matrimonial verification


Aastha Investigation private ltd. helps to find out each detail of the bride or groom before the marriage ceremony takes place, with their pre-employment verification services. They will inform you of every information regarding the financial status, job type, criminal record, present or past affairs, etc.


iv) Post-employment verification services


This special service helps you to find out the extramarital affairs or the innocence of your partner. These pieces of information could be the most vital reasons for breaking up a relationship or proving the innocence of your doubtful partner.


v) Missing partner tracing


Aastha Investigation Agency provides missing person tracing activities, which will help you locate a missing or kidnapped person successfully. We have included advanced methodologies in our services to find out your missing one conveniently and securely.

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