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  • Aastha Investigation Agency provides the best private detectives in Kolkata!
Aastha Investigation Agency provides the best private detectives in Kolkata!

Worried about trouble in family relationships or job-related matters? Are you in trouble with insiders or outsiders? Only a qualified and professional Private Investigator can solve your problems. The need for private and corporate investigation services is always there in modern life. This secret service is more frequently needed for a person living in a complex society of a metro city like Kolkata. Here crime, fraud, and dishonesty are always on the rise. Aastha Investigation Agency is your destination for safe, secure, and successful private or corporate investigation services in Kolkata.


We Are the Best among Private Detective Agencies in Kolkata


Our humble journey started in 2010. Aastha Investigation Agency was established in 2010 in Kolkata. We are a team of efficient, competent, and dependable detectives and experts. We have the experience of professionally handling private investigations of eminent clients. Being the leading Private Investigation Agency in Kolkata, we have a network throughout India. After changing our status to a Private Limited Company from 2019, our professional skill has improved. We claim to be one of the premier private investigation agencies in Kolkata. We started very humbly as a small detective agency. Our dedicated investigators and detectives have received the reputation of being the best. After completing many investigations, we are getting recommended by our former clients. We use our experiences and try collecting information through legitimate and keen observation. We perform a thorough investigation, careful and accurate examination with fine-tuned analysis. Aastha Investigation Agency has a wide network of detectives. They are experienced personnel from various fields of service. Never hesitate to call us for your private or corporate investigation need. Our private investigators are just a phone call away.


Aastha Investigation Agency Private Investigation Services


Our private investigators are the best professionals to conduct investigations regarding divorce cases, property disputes, and missing cases. For any private investigation, you can depend on Aastha Investigation Agency. We offer investigative services for matters like:

  • Private investigators
  • Pre-matrimonial investigation
  • Loyalty test investigation 
  • Missing person tracking
  • Handwriting verification 

We are committed to providing all types of private investigation services under the same roof. Our professionals are specially trained to conduct any such personal investigation as per the needs of our clients. With the industry's best success rate Aastha Investigation Agency has already grabbed many headlines in Kolkata.

Top private investigation agency in Kolkata calls!

We provide a wide range of corporate investigation services in Kolkata. Here the corporate world is highly competitive and cruel. We get information for our clients for litigations and business needs. Aastha Investigation Agency corporate investigation team conducts a professional investigation in areas like:

  • post-employment verification 
  • Undercover operation 
  • corporate investigation techniques.
  •  investigation.
  • Insurance investigation 
  • IPR and brand protection 
  • Asset verification


Hire Aastha Investigation Agency now


It is time to catch up with the best private investigator in Kolkata. If you are looking for the best private investigation services, call Aastha now. Visit our website to know more.


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