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Corporate detective agency for a successful business venture

There's massive competition in today's business world. Several cases of fraud and piracy are common. Business people cannot afford to lose their business information data and formula stolen. This truth is common for both small and large businesses. Astha Investigation Pvt Ltd has built its name as one of the best private detective agencies in Kolkata, providing top-notch corporate investigation services centered on delivering perfect solutions for such cases. The corporate instances are not like the mainstream investigation cases. They are handled by the separate team of this investigation agency.

Pre and Post-employment verification

Employees run a company. They are the structural support of the company. But if the right employees are not hired, a business suffers significant losses. This can be avoided by conducting a thorough pre-employment verification. In this method, the experts carry out the background check to match the information given in the CV at recruitment. Any kind of hidden information is readily available that can prove any unfair means. Post-employment verification services include conducting surveys on employees suspected of being involved in industrial espionage and fraud.

Undercover operation and due diligence near me in India

Running a successful business is not easy, and very often, the businessmen aren’t even aware of the frauds and unfair means that can degrade their business. If you think your business is a victim of corporate espionage, consider a corporate detective agency. A minute corporate investigation is necessary to avoid possible complications when a new deal is signed with a news agency.

Best insurance verification and IPR brand protection

Itprotectionntial to double-check insurance fraud claims since they can cause havoc in a business later on. Someone might use personal or corporate data without authorization or permission. There are also cases of stealing the logo design of a company and other essential business ideas. Protect are the intellectual property of rights and brands with the best corporate detective agencies in India. It is, therefore, a priority to incorporate the action of corporate investigation in Kolkata and save your company from getting bankrupt.



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