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Corporate Investigation: Things to Know

If you hold an important position in a company or corporate house, you would surely be aware of the competitors. You would also know the importance of confidentiality of many types of data and information in your organization. What options do you have if you think your company is a victim of data theft? Maybe someone in the office is stealing important information and passing it on to your competition. These are not hypothetical situations. These are everyday corporate realities in India. That’s why corporate investigation in India is a serious subject and no company can ignore it.

In this light, it’s worthwhile to note that Aastha Investigation Agency, a leading organization of private detectives in Kolkata, has a long list of clients from the business and corporate sectors.  

Why your company needs to protect critical data and information 

In today’s digitized world, you may not be aware that software or devices may be snooping on your boardroom. Spying on what the competing business organizations are doing is a common practice these days. From your new marketing plans to new projects you are working on, the competitors can know everything.

Important decisions, financial and banking data, marketing data, and personal information are some of the critical information that a company or corporate house has to protect from theft and espionage.

By knowing your company’s strategies and going a step ahead, your competitor can upset your plans and give a serious setback to your company’s growth and ambition. In this light, taking the help of private detectives is important.

If you want to foil your competitors’ nefarious plans, you need to have an exhaustive corporate investigation India plan.

What services private detectives can offer to corporates?  

Your company will need a corporate investigation service for a variety of needs. Data theft and espionage are not the only areas where corporate investigation in India can be of use. Private detectives offer many other services such as:

  • Employment verification: Before and after hiring an employee, companies need to do a thorough check of background and credentials. A private detective agency can gather all antecedents and possible misdemeanors of the employee.
  • Due diligence: If your company is taking some new initiatives and decisions, getting the facts and ground situation checked is important. A corporate detective agency can do this for your company.  
  • Insurance investigation: Because of fraudulent insurance claims, many companies lose substantial sums of money. A corporate investigation service can help you establish whether a claim is fraudulent or not.
  • Asset verification: When your company buys or sells an asset, verification is needed to ensure the details on the papers are accurate. A corporate detective agency can do physical checks and give you the report.

How to find a private detective agency near me?

A corporate investigation needs high levels of skills, expertise, and resources. How can I find the best corporate investigation agency near me in India? A corporate investigation is a big project. It may involve many cities and subjects under its investigation. Looking for a detective agency near you is not the right way to look at the issue. A detective agency can do your job and investigation even if it is physically away. They know how to do it. It is their specialization.

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