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  • Efficient Legal Investigation Services Are Now Available In Kolkata! Call Aastha Investigation Agency
Efficient Legal Investigation Services Are Now Available In Kolkata! Call Aastha Investigation Agency

Legal fights in court and investigation through any professional agency are sometimes inseparable parts. A court case cannot be won by your lawyers sometimes. You may require investigation and evidence collection to win a court case. This is a tricky process as legal investigation services are to be experienced, dedicated and highly professional. Perfect understanding and strategy making is the key to success for any investigation agency. Aastha Investigation Agency in Kolkata is a result-oriented team of investigators coming from different professional fields. Our detectives and legal investigation experts can deliver the desired result for you or your corporate house.


Aastha, The Top Investigation Agency In Kolkata


We started our journey as an emerging detective agency in Kolkata way back in 2010. Our investigation team is a combination of law professional, technocrats and analytical experts. They are trained to investigate all departments. Aastha Investigation Agency has specially designed itself as an all types of investigation solution under one roof. If you require legal investigation services in Kolkata from any top investigation agency, we are your choice.


Aastha Investigation Agency Legal Investigation Services For You


We have some best legal experts in our team of investigators in Aastha Investigation Agency. We analyze your case and your requirements before starting an investigation. Many law firms are among our clients apart from individuals who require legal investigation support. They hire Aastha Investigation Agency legal investigation services to collect facts quickly and efficiently. We have the best success rate in the investigation filed in Kolkata. Important law firms and persons are asking for our legal investigation services these days. Our corporate legal investigation services include:


1. Corporate litigation

2. White-collar frauds

3. high stakes litigation

4. Money laundering

5. Economic offences


Our team of experienced legal investigators are equally smart to assist you with a divorce or maintenance cases of any complex nature. Our experts will collect evidence and documents as proof of negligence or cheating. This helps you to solve the divorce case quicker than expected. Aastha Investigation Agency investigators not only gather facts for you but also help with finding witnesses. We identify information to help you have a legal advantage in negotiations during a complex case solution. We also conduct needful asset investigation, vet witnesses and many more such legal activities. Aastha Investigation Agency helps clients in domestic violence cases, money suits, title suits and also eviction suits professionally. We are enough expertise to assist you with property registration, documentation and, if required, in labour court cases.


Why Will You Think Of Aastha Investigation Agency, Kolkata?


Our range of legal investigation services speaks for us. In case you need any legal investigation services in Kolkata, consider Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. Contact us for legal investigation assistance in the following cases:

1. Matrimonial Case

2. Divorce Case

3. Maintenance Case

4. Domestic Violence Case

5. Partition Suit

6. Title Suit

7. Money Suit

8. Eviction Suit

9. Property Registration and Documentation

10. Labour Court Cases

For legal investigation services, all you need to do is get in touch with Aastha Investigation Agency, Kolkata to discuss your case. Our professional detectives will keep the entire investigation confidential. Feel free to visit our website the assistance now.

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