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Hire The Best Detective Agency In Kolkata For Any Personal Investigation

Kolkata, the city of joy, may not be the city with crime anymore! Being a citizen of this lively metro city, you may require the services of an eminent detective agency for personal investigation. It is to save your social, commercial, and family reputation from known and unknown crimes. For personal investigations like pre-marital, post-marital, or surveillance, you need to hire the best private detective agency in Kolkata, Aastha Investigation Agency. Our professional detectives from different skill-based services can protect your privacy and conduct the most efficient personal investigation.


Who Are We in Aastha Investigation Agency?


We started our investigation services in 2010 from a very humble background as a detective agency in Kolkata. Over the years our investigators have become highly successful in providing support to our clients. Every staff member of the Aastha Investigation Agency strongly feels and believes in getting legitimate information on a case. We do this through keen observation, thorough investigation, careful and accurate examination with fine line analysis. We have a wide network of qualified detectives. They are highly experienced personnel from various professional fields. All kinds of personal investigations are conducted by our detective agency under the same roof. We are just a call away to relieve you from all tensions and pressures of personal investigation.


What we can do for you?


Aastha Investigation Agency is a unique detective agency in Kolkata providing top class personal investigations like:

1. Pre-matrimonial investigation

2. Post-matrimonial investigation

3. Loyalty test investigation

4. Missing person tracking

5. Surveillance Handwriting verification


Why You Need a Personal Investigation From a Detective Agency In Kolkata?


The number of divorce cases is on the rise in Kolkata. Recent data is showing that personal investigation previous to marriage is causing all these problems. After marriage investigations are also important for saving a relationship. Missing person tracking is effectively done by Aastha Investigation Agency private detectives. Surveillance is effectively done by our professional experts. We analyze a case of a personal investigation by looking at our client’s requirements. Handwriting verification is a professional field of study. We have qualified people to look into every angle of your investigation need.


What Has Taken Us To The Top As A Detective Agency In Kolkata?


Kolkata’s educated and intelligent community has grown up with the names of Byomkesh Bokshi or Feluda as detective icons! These literature hero detectives have raised the expectation of a detective agency here in this city.  Aastha Investigation Agency professional detectives are real heroes in Kolkata. We have formed a team of daring detectives to take care of your investigation issues. We maintain discipline, secrecy, and a humanitarian approach while doing your investigation. We have the highest rate of success in the industry in recent years. Our Dhakuria based detective agency is ready to serve you anywhere in India. The expertise and network we have that makes us the leader in the field of personal investigation. Book our detective agency services now after visiting our website. Feel free to call us for assistance.

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