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Hire the best personal detective in Kolkata from Aastha Investigation Agency!

The crime rate is rising at a rapid rate in big metro cities like Kolkata. During pandemics, the rise of personal and corporate level crimes along with cyber crimes are on the rise. The demand for personal investigation is also increasing. Here comes the importance of a professional detective agency. As a client, you need a capable agency with vast experience to support you. Government Security agencies are also finding it tough to attend all. Do you know that most people are depending on private detective agencies in a situation like this? Trust the best private detective agency in Kolkata, Aastha Investigation Agency from Dhakuria. They are available with years of expertise to satisfy your investigation needs of all types.


Why is Aastha now the top investigation agency near you?


Aastha Investigation Agency started as a group of hardworking detectives around Kolkata. A team of daring, law-abiding, and intelligent detectives is there in Aastha to conduct successful investigations. Aastha has a smooth network of investigation operations all over India. People with a law background help them to make a strategy for every investigation. Best available technology and the spirit to excel help Aastha Investigation Agency men to be the best detective in Kolkata. The area of expertise they have to provide cost-effective private investigation solutions are:

  • Personal Investigation Services
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Legal Services
  • Pre-matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-matrimonial Investigation
  • Missing Person Tracing
  • Pre-employment Verification
  • Post-employment Verification

You require a professional and experienced private detective agency to conduct all the above-mentioned investigations. Aastha Investigation Agency is capable of handling any critical detective search to get evidence for your legal matters. At present, for a successful courtroom fight, you need concrete evidence. Their expert detectives know this and make the investigation strategy to satisfy the clients. Secrecy is maintained and the privacy of the clients is of prime importance to Aastha Investigation Agency. Once you assign the private investigation task to them, it is time for you to be relaxed and wait for a quick and positive solution. The success rate of the Aastha Investigation Agency is one of the highest in the industry.


You need a private detective agency LIKE Aastha in Kolkata


A private detective agency handles personal investigation matters for you. As an individual, you may require to fight a court case. You may need to get personal data or information to decide about marriage, job, or breakups. An individual may face complex issues needing the help of a detective agency. Aastha Investigation Agency is providing such assistance and services in personal investigation need for many years. Their track record says about their ability to help you. Look at the areas where they can handle your investigation matters:

  • Matrimonial Checks
  • Loyalty Test
  • Handwriting Verification
  • Divorce case evidence
  • Company fraud investigation
  • Property dispute

Aastha Investigation Agency is known for its efficiency to arrange proof that is acceptable by law. Every investigation is conducted within legal limitations to safeguard the clients. Commitment to excellence is the basis of the Aastha Investigation Agency. Visit the Aastha Investigation Agency website to know more. Hire Aastha Investigation Agency now.

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