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  • Looking for Reliable Detective Agency in Kolkata? Feel Free to Contact Aastha Investigation Agency!
Looking for Reliable Detective Agency in Kolkata? Feel Free to Contact Aastha Investigation Agency!

Aastha Investigation Agency provides you private investigations in all personal and corporate cases. Look at our exclusive range of professional Investigation services:

  • Personal Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Legal Services
  • Pre-matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-matrimonial Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Missing person tracing
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Post-employment verification

All the above Investigation fields can best be done by a detective agency. Look at their importance in life. If you need a private Investigation Agency to support any of these problems, consult the Aastha Investigation Agency. Surveillance with professional Investigation systems makes us the best in a metropolitan city like Kolkata. Touchy and sensitive personal investigations are done with care to suit you.

Our humble journey to the top

We are the best detectives in India. Our Investigation services started from Dhakuria in Kolkata. The experienced, daring, and dedicated Investigators of our agency are professionals from different domains. Aastha Investigation Agency was launched in 2010. Hundreds of successful Investigations and clients from India and abroad are our testimonials. We are regularly getting recommended by our clients. We keep a perfect professional and working relationship with authority.

Aastha has the best Private Detectives

The job of a private detective is risky and critical. Aastha detectives have intelligence, the power to note, and be adventurous. We have the best detectives in Kolkata to analyze the need of our clients. We understand their pain and provide Investigation services. Our skillful detectives do proper surveillance to collect information. The privacy of our clients is maintained.

How we serve

In any of your personal or corporate investigations need to consult us. We study your complex problems to get easy solutions. An investigation needs legal support sometimes. We have criminal and civil lawyers for your services. Marriage, divorce, or job-related background verification needs a highly qualified, experienced, and professional Investigation Agency. Fraud or consumer problem investigation is also our area of service. If you are searching for the best detectives in Kolkata, Aastha Investigation Agency is here for you. 25 best detectives work overtime for our clients. Crime is on the rise. Government security and Investigation agencies are not available to all every time. Aastha Investigation Agency quickly reaches to you to serve. Aastha Investigation Agency conducts loyalty test investigations discreetly. You may doubt whether your family, partner, friend, or colleague is faithful to you. Consult us and seek our service. Our tested series of tests will provide you with the report. If you wish to know the whereabouts of someone, we provide surveillance or shadowing services. Monitoring the attitude and manners of the target and gathering information without the target being aware, we do investigation professionally.

Cost-effective private investigation

A private investigation conducted by Aastha Investigation Agency is cost-effective because of having every wing of investigation under the same agency. Our range of multi-level investigations helps our clients to get total support. 150 solved cases with 5 glorious customers and 120 happy clients, we rock the private investigation field in Kolkata.

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