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Looking for the best Private Detective Agency from Kolkata?

Aastha Investigation Agency, the best detective agency in Kolkata, is here to help you in all types of Investigation and detection. We have trusted and tested expertise in providing cost-effective personal investigations. The best detectives in India form Aastha Investigation Agency operate maintaining all professional ethics. They are equally capable of conducting corporate investigations. They ensure legal services in civil and criminal cases. For domestic violence-related legal services, we have the counselling and legal support system. Investigation with the passion to provide the best possible assistance to clients has taken us to a new height among the detective agencies in Kolkata.  


Pre-marital Investigation


Marriages are decided in heaven. In the modern world of complex relationships, this is a platonic ideal. Marriages can be broken here on earth if not decided after an exhaustive investigation. It is pertinent to judge the background of your would partner from every angle to avoid future complications. You need thorough investigation through private detectives before entering into a wedding ritual. Aastha Investigation Agency has a dedicated and daring group of Investigation team to help in pre-Marriage Investigation. Be it a native or NRI client, we have the strategic Investigation process to satisfy. Aastha Investigation Agency will justify your trust by enhancing prosperous Marriage prospects.


Surveillance and post-marital investigations


Surveillance in terms of strained or suspicious relationships and for post-marital complications are efficiently handled by Aastha Investigation Agency. Timely detection and intervention can stop such complicated relationships from break up. Doubting partners can gradually kill your mind and threaten the very existence. The investigation combined with legal and counselling support is the need of the hour in situations like this. Our professional detectives and the team of legal experts combine to guide clients to ultimate satisfaction. Secrecy and client personal information protection is our prime consideration.


Why the best Detective Agency in Kolkata?


 Aastha Investigation Agency is gaining confidence and stature by winning client confidence. We provide missing person tracing support. We conduct pre-employment and post-employment verification for ensuring job security. The house of the very best private detectives from the Dhakuria Investigation Agency of Kolkata, Aastha has already solved more than 150 cases. We have more than 120 satisfied clients who are recommending new interested and needy people. Our talented, hardworking, and professionally trained 25 detectives are there to take our services to the next level.

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