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Marriage Worry? Call Aastha Investigation Agency For Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Aastha Investigation Agency the, best private detective agency is in high demand in Kolkata these days. The Dhakuria based detective agency first came to the limelight in 2010. Since then we developed into a team of professional experts to investigate in various fields like:


1. Personal investigations

2. Corporate investigations

3. Legal services

4. Pre-matrimonial investigations

5. Post-matrimonial investigations

6. Surveillance

7. Missing person tracking

8. Handwriting verification

9. Pre-employment verification

10. Post-employment verification  


We in Aastha Investigation Agency feel very confident in investigating a pre-matrimonial investigation for our clients.  


Role Of Our Private Detective Agency In Kolkata?


Official security and investigative agencies are not always ready to conduct a customized investigation as per your requirement. They are usually guided by certain rules and overwork issues. It is more convenient to appoint a private detective agency like Aastha and live in absolute peace as a common man. Kolkata's crime graph is on the rise. The investigation needs to be professional and pinpointed to get the best result.  We in Aastha Investigation Agency have understood this basic idea of detective investigation. We guard your privacy and provide you with the best detective investigation support in all areas under the same roof.


Aastha Investigation Agency And Our Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Services


Many believe that marriage is decided in heaven. This is the occasion of happiness no matter it is arranged, love, or divorce marriage. Who knows when and how the happiest marriage moment may turn into a moment of tremendous sadness for many reasons? This may happen due to not having enough information about the bride and groom. Our private detective agency, Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd., presents you the information of the bride or groom in advance regarding:


1. the financial status

2. present and past affairs

3. job profile

4. criminal record

5. bad habits of the bride or groom in advance.


Aastha Investigation Agency has thorough knowledge about the social and economic background of the Kolkata society. For any successful marriage, love and social bonding are important. But, considering the modern social behaviour pattern, the pre-matrimonial investigation is even important. This is now the base for a successful marriage. We look for information about the following aspects during our pre-matrimonial investigation:


1. Temperamental details

2. Relations with other men/women

3. Job profile and reputation in the workplace

4. Job profile and reputation in the workplace

5. Previous marriage if any

6. Criminal activity

7. Drug abuse


Aastha Investigation Agency knows that establishing an identity is the first critical step in the pre-matrimonial background investigation. The personal information in the biodata of the bride or groom is required primarily for verifying the applicant’s identity. Age is just a number but it is completely wrong to fake it. In marriages hiding age has often proved as a negative factor later. Aastha Investigation Agency has special pre-matrimonial detective services conducted by our professional investigators in Kolkata. We can do all the checkings in case of an overseas bride or groom also. Aastha Investigation Agency assures guaranteed satisfaction at affordable charges in pre-matrimonial verification. Feel free to contact us.


Audio : Call Aastha Investigation Agency For Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

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