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Pre-marital investigation by the best private detective agency

Marriage is an auspicious occasion of happiness and lifetime bonding. Whether arranged or love, marriage can also result in a lifetime scar leaving behind gloominess and grief if the bride or the groom has secrets to keep. Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. provides efficient pre-marital investigation providing detailed information about the bride and the groom. They provide accurate information about the financial status, present, and past affairs, job profile, criminal record, bad habits, etc. They are one of the best private detective agencies that make every detail clear in front of their clients and ensure the couple has a healthy and glorious connubial life.

In earlier times, marriage was between a man and a woman who knew each other and their families well. Still, weddings are mostly arranged through unfamiliar sources like websites and newspaper ads in today's modern world. Hence pre-marital investigation is of utmost importance to get to know a couple and their family from depth. Being one of the best private investigators in Kolkata, Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. provide expert investigation and background check services. The details provided by the private detective agency are as follows :

  1. Job profile and reputation in the workplace
  2. A previous marriage, if any
  3. Criminal records or activities, if any
  4. Temperamental details like furious or melancholic mood
  5. Addictions, if any (drugs or nicotine)
  6. Relation with men or women (affairs if any)


Relation with other men or women and financial status detection by investigators near me

Investigation enables the client to get a clear picture of the living standard of the bride and the groom. Pre-marital investigations are invariably essential since false information in marriage may lead to divorce lately and make the entire memory of marriage a horrifying picture. Hence private detective agencies like Aastha Investigation Agency make sure you choose the best life partner for your son or daughter, knowing every minute detail of her. Love affairs in marriage are often the primary reason for separation. Hence knowing prospective spouses and their present and past relationship can clear out many things and save a marriage from disintegrating.

Concealed marriage or criminal activity detection by best investigators near me in Kolkata

Any concealment in concealed marriage or previous records of divorce can create a significant impact on married life. Marriage is a big step; hence both the partners and their families have the right to know every single piece of information about one another. If a pre-marital investigation agency brings forward any such data can save a lot of harassment and disrespect later on in marriage. Involvement in criminal activities is one more aspect of a person who only comes to the fore after a deep probe. If any illegal activities are detected before marriage, the marriage can be forbidden to stop further complications.


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