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Private Detectives Are More Than A Movie Character. They Are Real

A person who is delving into things, finding facts, and analyzing many things (legal, financial, and personal matters) is a private detective. They must have a keen eye, terrific observation abilities, and a logical intellect.

These people are doing all sorts of investigation. Most private detectives work for any person or solicitors, or companies.

Most of the private detectives follow a few typical ways to solve any case. Mostly they start with interviews with people to collect information about the case. They go through several types of study and searches to get every minute details of the target. Like we all know, one of the major characteristics of a private detective is that they conduct surveillance to get to the root of the case and to find all kinds of evidence that will help to solve the case.

There is a huge demand for private investigators in the personal investigation, corporate investigation, legal services, pre-matrimonial investigation, post-matrimonial investigation, surveillance, missing person tracing, pre-employment verification, and post-employment verification.

Suppose you're looking for a private detective for any of the purposes mentioned above. We can help you out with the situation. With several years of experience, our company can offer you the best service in Kolkata. Our firm has the best private detectives in Kolkata.

We offer you all kind of services in this field of private investigation:

Pre-matrimonial Investigation : In today's world, loyalty is getting rare. In this era, getting wedded without proper knowledge about the future groom or bride also the household can become a blunder in the future that can ruin many families. In India, wedding frauds are rising day by day, and domestic violence cases have rampantly increased over the years. Give us the chance to accomplish a detailed inspection, so you can prevent such things from happening to you.

Post-matrimonial Investigation : If there is any doubt about your husband, wife, or in-laws and want solid evidence, we can help you out by investigating for you. We will conduct a confidential investigation. If all your suspicions are groundless, your spouse or their family will never know about the investigation. We work on this topic in our post-matrimonial investigation, discovering if your spouse is having a relationship outside the marriage, betraying you, or planning something against you.

Loyalty Test Investigation : We have a different section for the loyalty test investigations. If you have any doubt about your family, friend, colleague, or partner who is faithful to you, we will investigate this matter for you to become sure about them. We will plan a sequel for examinations and get you the testimony.

Missing Person Investigation: In a city like Kolkata, it's extremely hard to find a missing person. Even in the most difficult case scenario (the person is not on social media, the person is not using any phone, or any cash transaction is not there), our detectives can help you.

Surveillance: If you want to know the whereabouts of someone. Our agency will scrutinize the victim's attitude and pile evidence without the victim being conscious of it.

Handwriting verification: Fraudulent users and defrauders are everywhere nowadays, and you have to be sure. Our firm will provide a handwriting verification service that will assure you of genuineness.

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