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Private detectives? Hire Aastha Investigation Agency in Kolkata

Do you know that Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd., is an efficient, highly competent, absolutely dependable, and professionally managed private investigation Agency in Kolkata? If you are looking forward to hiring an investigation agency in Kolkata, we are your best choice. We started our journey as an investigation agency way back in 2010. We used to work in partnership mode earlier. Our client base started growing due to our industry-best success rate. Presently we transformed ourselves into a Private Limited Company from 2019.  This makes us a more professional team of private investigators with skill-based backgrounds. Ranging from Kolkata High Court practicing advocates to various other professional fields, we are lucky to get our investigation team with a great spirit and knowledge background. We follow every legal matter involved in the investigation as a private detective agency. Our daring, innovative and 100% professional detectives conduct a customized investigation for all possible requirements of our clients. No need to worry about your privacy factor. We take care of our client’s privacy issues very carefully.


Role of Aastha Investigation Agency as the top investigation agency in Kolkata


Your life in a metro city like Kolkata needs to be protected socially and legally. In day to day life complications regarding criminal and civil matters may disturb you some time. Every time turning to the police or Government security agencies may not be the right option. They are already an over-worked organization and you may no get the desired attention from them. You will always need the support of a premier private detective agency like Aastha Investigation Agency. We play a very important role to satisfy your investigation requirement through our detective services in the following areas:

1. Personal Investigation Services

2. Corporate Investigations

3. Legal Services

4. Pre-matrimonial Investigations

5. Post-matrimonial Investigations

6. Loyalty Test Investigations

7. Surveillance

8. Missing Person Tracing

09. Handwriting Verification

10. Pre-employment Verification

11. Post-employment Verification

Let us talk about Surveillance done by Aastha Investigation Agency expert detectives for our clients. The process is simple, reliable, and result-oriented as follow:

1. Identify the suspect

2. Observing the activities and habits of the suspect

3. Send our agents to build friendship and relationships with the suspect

4. The agent will make a video and photo of everything that happened between them and the surrounding of the suspect

5. Criminal activity

6. Submit the documentary evidence for legal support

We should highlight our legal investigation services if you need that. Talk to Aastha Investigation Agency to discuss your criminal or corporate case. We will employ our professional expert detectives to study your problem. A perfect investigation strategy will be decided and followed to satisfy you. The detective investigation will remain confidential.  Call us in case you require our services in any of the following cases:

1. Matrimonial Case

2. Divorce / Maintenance Case

3. Domestic Violence Case

4. Partition Suit

5. Title Suit

6. Money Suit

7. Eviction Suit

8. Property Registration and Documentation

9. Labour Court Cases


Why should you hire Aastha Investigation Agency?


We in Aastha Investigation Agency are your one-stop solution for all types of investigation needs. We combine our legal team with our trained detectives to serve you in most cases. Once appointed by you as your investigation agency, we pledge to live up to your expectations as the best private detective agency in Kolkata. Feel free to enquire now. Visit our website.

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