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Private investigation is no big deal now!

In modern times, we are experiencing an increasing rate of divorce cases. This happens mainly due to the lack of adequate information of both the partners before marriage. Property disputes are another issue that needs immediate investigation. If one talks about a critical issue like a missing person, meticulous personal analysis is required in that case. Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. Offer the best investigation services with top-notch private investigators for all the confidential matters in Kolkata and India. These issues can be prevented from occurring if the matter is overtaken by the best private detective agency in Kolkata.

Pre-matrimonial investigation with the best private investigators near me

In earlier times, marriage was between a man and a woman who knew each other and their families well. Still, weddings are mostly arranged through unfamiliar sources like websites and newspaper ads in today's modern world. Hence pre-marital investigation is of utmost importance to get to know a couple and their family from depth. Being one of the best private investigators in Kolkata, Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. provide pre matrimonial investigation in Kolkata and background check services. The details provided by the private detective agency are as follows :

1.            Job profile and reputation in the workplace

2.            A previous marriage, if any

3.            Criminal records or activities, if any

4.            Temperamental details like furious or melancholic mood

5.            Addictions, if any (drugs or nicotine)

6.            Relation with men or women (affairs if any)

Employment details and business details

Investigation reveal minute details about the prospective ride and groom, their professional status, details about their financial condition like designations for low and high powering jobs. For some families, business isn’t as certain as regular jobs. Therefore according to the requirement of the family, business loss and gains are noted carefully by a private investigator in Kolkata. The financial Status is thoroughly checked to check whether the bride and groom are living up to the expected standard for leading a marital life.

A premarital investigation by the best investigator near me

Marriage camps are rising in a country like India. There are also domestic violence cases after marriage; the best way to prevent such consequences is to conduct a pre-marital investigation in Kolkata. It is essential to thoroughly check the background details before the wedding to avoid possible devastating marriage problems. Now coming to Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt Ltd., they have expert private investigators in Kolkata who have the best private investigation capabilities in a synchronized way.



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