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The Answer to Your Troubles Lies in a Post-Matrimonial Investigation

If you have any mistrust for your spouse, the devil may destroy your marriage. You must never let suspicion dominate you, especially given the lack of evidence or proof to support it. Seek the help of Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt Ltd's team of skilled private investigators in Kolkata if you suspect an extra-marital affair or are having difficulties trusting your spouse. We have years of expertise in conducting post-marital investigations and a track record for success.

If you have a hunch, we will assist you to put your suspicion to rest in one of the following ways:

Fetch you proof of an extra-marital affair

Without direct evidence to support your suspicion, a detective will use various methods to uncover hidden truths. The detective may pose as someone interested in an extra-marital liaison or track your spouse's phone calls and text messages.

If your spouse is cheating on you, the detective agency will also help you file for divorce which must be uncontested given there is no legal evidence for adultery.

  1. Fetch you evidence of a one night stand or having a girlfriend
  2. Discover if your spouse has been seeing someone else and who the person is
  3. Determine whether your husband is living up to his marital obligations
  4. Help you uncover what your ex-spouse is hiding from you
  5. Investigate into any suspicious circumstances

Uncover the truth if your spouse is concealing assets or debt

How can you trust someone who has something to hide? A detective agency will get to the bottom of things by using detective tools such as surveillance, undercover agents, and investigating bank accounts across various countries. If this is not enough to get you the answers that you need, then our detective agency will also utilize polygraph testing. This is extremely useful when conducting post-marital investigations and the results cannot be disputed in a court of law.

Provide you with complete peace of mind

Constantly wondering whether or not your spouse is cheating on you or telling lies to you puts a lot of stress on you and causes mental discord. Rather than losing sleep over such notions, contact us first, and we'll guarantee results.

Maintain 100% confidentiality

Your suspicions don't need to be correct all of the time. They may be incorrect. If you are mistaken, you don't want your spouse to learn that you hired a private detective firm like Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt Ltd to check out him/her. As a result, we make every effort to maintain complete secrecy so that no one can ever know you were spying on your husband.

Do you have any doubts about your relationship? Get in contact with us and clear whatever doubt you may have. Allow us to put an end to your uncertainty once and for all.


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