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Top personal investigation services in Kolkata? Call Aastha now!

If you are in a tight spot regarding the Personal Investigation issue and need the support of a reliable professional agency, it is a real concern. In Kolkata, many investigation agencies are available but without many credentials. The agency which delivers the best detective services and is with you to provide top personal investigation services here is Aastha Investigation Agency.

Aastha for personal investigation services

Aastha Investigation Agency was established in 2010. We are now a private limited company since 2019 to provide investigation and legal services to our clients in and around Kolkata. Look at our area of services before assigning us with your requirement of investigation:


  1. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  2. Post-Matrimonial Investigation
  3. Loyalty Test Investigation
  4. Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
  5. Missing Person Tracing
  6. Handwriting Verification


The number of divorce cases is on the rise in Kolkata. Recent data is showing that personal investigation previous to marriage is causing all these problems. After marriage investigations are also important for saving a relationship. Missing person tracking is effectively done by Aastha Investigation Agency private detectives. Surveillance is effectively done by our professional experts. We analyze a case of a personal investigation by looking at our client’s requirements. Handwriting verification is a professional field of study. We have qualified people to look into every angle of your investigation need.

Aastha Investigation Agency is the best one for post-employment investigation

Employment is a big thing in India, especially in a metro city like Kolkata. Are you an honest employer or a needy job-seeker? Many fraudsters are hiding behind the gentleman’s look to cheat or mislead you. It is important to go for detailed post-employment verification. This must be conducted by a professional and experienced private detective agency in Kolkata. Aastha Investigation Agency provides post-employment verification services for your corporate house in Kolkata. If you are an individual requiring similar services, we are there for your satisfaction. Our team of detectives is from different skill areas. We assign their services as per the investigation need of our clients. In this present complicated job world, we assure you reliability and 100% confidence in the post-employment verification process.

Hire Aastha Legal Services for employment verification now

Employment verification with all legal aspects is our strong service area. We are available with a team of daring and experienced private investigators to assist you. Our services are cheap and we take care of your privacy to the highest level. Visit our website to hire our services now.



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