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Top private detectives near you in Kolkata? Hire Aastha Investigation Agency now

Do you need prompt service and fast solutions from the best private investigator in Kolkata? Call our detectives, the best private investigator nowhere in the city of joy, We have a team of experienced professionals in Aastha Investigation Agency, the premier agency near you. We can help in both of your personal or business-related inquiries. We offer the widest range of investigative services in the city and adjacent areas. Our trained and professional private detectives deploy the most advanced methods and devices to achieve consistently perfect results. If you delay with a problem without doing anything about it, matters can get worse. It is time to get in touch with Aastha Investigation Agency now.


Our journey to grow as the best private investigator in Kolkata


Aastha Investigation Agency is now the best investigation agency in Kolkata. This premier detective agency started assisting clients way back in 2010. In 2019 Aastha Investigation Agency emerged as a Private Limited Company with pan India investigation networks. We have a well-trained detective team coming from various skill backgrounds. They are daring and dedicated. They can use the latest surveillance and detection equipment and gadgets. We, as the best detective agency, use the latest computer and internet-based technology for investigation purposes.


Our services for you


Our experts have overcome every challenge to stick to their tasks. We are adaptive to new situations and difficulties on our way of investigation. Be it a Personal or Corporate Investigation, our success rate is always very high. We deliver professional and customized private investigation services in Kolkata. We provide a lot of variety in investigation types as per the need of our clients. Look at our range of services: -

  • Personal Investigation Services
  • Corporate Investigation Services
  • Legal Services
  • Pre-matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-matrimonial Investigation
  • Missing person tracing
  • Pre-employment Verification
  • Post-employment Verification

Private investigators in Aastha Investigation Agency take advantage of their particular expertise and talent although accumulating info along with significant amounts of groundwork, the help of the internet, available and also court case records they will learn what they may be trying to discover the whereabouts of the in and around Kolkata. We are solving important cases as a Kolkata detective agency since 2010. We have a pan India legal and investigation connection and network to support our clients. Our trained detectives perform a successful investigation in many areas.


Why should you hire us?


Kolkata’s educated and intelligent community has grown up with the names of Byomkesh Bokshi or Feluda as detective icons! These literature hero detectives have raised the expectation of a detective agency here in this city.  Aastha Investigation Agency professional detectives are real heroes in Kolkata. We have formed a team of daring detectives to take care of your investigation issues. We maintain discipline, secrecy, and a humanitarian approach while doing your investigation. We have had the highest rate of success in the industry in recent years. Our Dhakuria based detective agency is ready to serve you anywhere in India. The expertise and network we have to make us the leader in the field of personal investigation. Book our detective agency services now. Visit our website.

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