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What kinds of professional investigation services does Aastha Investigation Agency offer?

The necessity of corporate investigation is increasing along with the passage of time. Nowadays, fraudulent activities and crime rates are so high that company owners never hire someone without checking his/her background.

Bad hiring can damage the reputation of your company as well. Building up a reputation or recognition in the market takes humongous efforts. But you can lose your reputation just because of a fraudulent employee. So, it’s a considerate choice to hire the best detective agency in Kolkata.

When it comes to investigation agencies, there’s no better name than Aastha Investigation Agency in Kolkata. With years of excellent reputation in the investigation sector, the company is now a big name among all the private detective agencies.

Why would you prefer Aastha Investigation Agency? 

At Aastha, you can avail all investigative services under one roof. The best thing is that the company deals with every case with equal dedication and precautions. The company never compromises with its clients’ privacy policies.

The professional detectives of the agency are extremely skilled to bring out the required information. The most impressive thing is the company’s extremely high success rate. Aastha Investigation Agency possesses an impeccable record of solving cases within short periods.

What services does the company offer in terms of professional investigations? 

Pre-employment verification 

A number of employees fake their previous experiences and details in terms of securing job opportunities. Employers become confused in such cases as they don’t get the required outputs from those employees. So, most employers conduct thorough pre-employment verifications to get more information about the employee. Such investigation programs help employers know about the authenticity of employees’ previous work histories. That helps an employer determine whether an applicant is eligible for a particular position or not.

Post-employment verification 

Some employees provide wrong details about their working tenures in their previous companies to their current employers. How can you know if any of your ex-employees have done so or not? Post-employment verification is the best possible to get such information. Aastha Investigation Agency offers premium post-employment verification services to their clients. That’s what saves your company’s reputation. The best thing about Aastha Agency is that the company offers post-employment verification services at very cheap rates.

Corporate investigation

Many of the top MNCs in Kolkata hire Aastha Investigation Agency for corporate investigation purposes. That’s pretty normal for big and reputed companies. Aastha Investigation Agency offers convenient support to those companies and helps them resolve their issues. Be it a legal issue or any other corporate issue, the experts of Aastha are specially trained to handle any type of corporate investigation programs. The company is very efficient in retaining confidentiality while progressing with the investigation.

These are the professional and corporate investigation services that you can expect to have from Aastha Investigation Agency. You stand quite lesser chances to get disappointed as your hire Aastha for specific investigations. Aastha has a huge client base all over Kolkata and their fame has spread across the whole country. So, don’t make a delay in availing the services of Aastha Investigation Agency.

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