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Why Aastha investigation agency is the top corporate investigation agency in Kolkata?

You can find various reputed detective agencies in India. But Aastha Investigation Agency is the top among all of them regarding the critical corporate investigation servicesThey also work as a personal investigation agency according to the need of their clients. Moreover, you will get the best service in a budget-friendly manner.


What are the services Aastha investigation agency providing?

Aastha investigation agency is proficient enough to provide a dependable and professionally handed private investigation process. Aastha investigation has been spreading their network continuously all over India since 2010.


Type of services that Aastha investigation agency provides


You will get all kinds of investigation services such as pre-matrimonial investigation, post-matrimonial investigationpre-and post-employment verification in the Aastha Investigation agency. We will also provide some special services like missing person tracing, surveillance, varieties of legal services, etc. You will get a brief description of our services from the following article.


1. Pre-matrimonial investigation:

Aastha investigation agency provides you all details about the bride or groom before the marriage occasion happens. It includes financial status, if there is any present or past affairs or not, criminal record, job profile, etc.


2. Post-matrimonial investigation:

Aastha Agency is a professional investigation agency that can provide adequate information about the extramarital affairs of your partner or his innocence. This information could be the most powerful reason for breaking up a relationship or proving your partner's innocence. 


3. Pre-employment verification:

With the help of our efficient pre-employment verification service, you will be able to find the credential of the candidates. It will help you to select worthy employees for the betterment of your company. 

Nowadays, many candidates are making fake educational certificates to get better jobs with good salary packages. But our investigators are experienced enough to stop such false activities.


4. Post-employment verification:

It is another special service which helps our clients to observe the activities of the staffs of the organization. With the help of our professional post-employment verification service, you will be able to find out if any employee is attempting to cheat the company. You can prevent data leaks of your company also with our post-employment verification service. Our success rate has made us the top post-employment verification agency in Kolkata.


5. Missing person tracing:

We raise our help to find missing or kidnapped people at our Aastha investigation agency Pvt. Ltd. We have advanced technologies and experienced employees to find out your missing one. Just provide us the details, and we will locate them successfully, no matter when you lose them.


6. Legal services:

We provide assistance in divorce, domestic violence cases, property registration, property documentation, labour court cases also. We have helped a lot of people regarding their legal investigation services. We promise to keep your investigation details confidential. So just feel free to contact Aastha investigation Pvt. Ltd, one of the best Legal investigation agencies in Kolkata.


Cost-effective investigation:

We provide cost-effective investigation for our client's satisfaction. We have abilities to solve multi-level investigations in a budget-friendly way, which made us the best detective agency in Kolkata.

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