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Why Is It Important To Do A Post-Employment Verification?

Nowadays, most companies do a pre-employment verification, but it's not enough in today's world. It is a one-time inquiry, and it does not give full insight into the employee. If any company wants a deep insight into the candidates' background, they must go for a post-employment verification. For the betterment of the company, post-employment verification has to be on the company's policy.

Here are a few reasons for post-employment verification:

  • In a pre-employment verification, much important information can be missed out due to human error or the proper information source's unavailability. If a candidate is getting overlooked, it can be a backfire for the company. A post-employment verification will gather all the missing information and give the exact overview of the aspirant's history. 
  • Many people doctor their resume or use the fake recommendation to get the job. A thorough post-employment investigation can save you from the disparity in the information that is initially provided by the candidate.
  • A post-employment check also helps to get into the history of any criminal record of the candidate. It will help the human resource department take a further step depending on the candidate's crime severity.
  • A post-employment investigation also includes looking into the social media activity of the candidates. Occasionally many people leave the job suddenly, and it becomes very hard for the H.R to handle the situation. So constantly looking into a candidate's social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) prevents such things from happening.
  • Many employees pursue a new degree or do a new course for the betterment of their job profile. A thorough post-employment check will help the company to get a proper insight into this matter, and the deserving candidate will get the promotion. Sometimes, many people leave their job to get a better degree, and an investigation will also look into this matter.
  • Suppose any of your employees are planning to betray you by giving your confidential data to the rival company or committing fraud in the organization to prevent any of this. In that case, you must go for a post-employment verification.

Our firm will help you out with a post-employment verification. We are the best detective agency in Kolkata. Our investigation will help our clients to track down all the activities of the employees in the company. If some of your employee's cheating with the administration, doing fraud with the capital, or selling your information to the rival, you can prevent all of this with our help. As one of the best post-employment verification agencies in Kolkata, our thorough inquiry will give you deep insight into your candidate's history, career plan, and loyalty. If any of your candidates have a criminal history and can harm your company in any way, an investigation can sort the matter.

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