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Why Should You Go For A Post-Matrimonial Investigation?

Marriage is one of the important events in someone's life. The honeymoon period brings a lot of joy to life. You are in the aura of getting your partner for life, your soulmate. But this dream can easily turn into a nightmare if your partner turns out to be a disloyal one. To find out your partner's romance outside the marriage or their innocence, you must go for a post matrimonial verification. Not only affairs, if they are keeping secrets about their family details or something that is not verified in pre-matrimonial verification. Post-matrimonial verification will cover all the minute details.


Divorce is a rising issue in India. It's a difficult and emotionally tiring process. Post-matrimonial verification can be a way of smoothing your divorce process. Private investigators will help you to get more evidence on the matter to make your divorce case strong. The whole process will be very confidential. There are many reasons for a divorce, but you always have to make your point strong in the matter of child custody, infidelity, and alimony, etc. So hiring a post matrimonial investigation agency is the best option in this scenario. Even if your all doubts are false, you will get another chance to start fresh.


Major reasons behind a post-matrimonial investigation:

  • Loyalty Test - There can be several issues behind the rise of the loyalty issue. Like any of the partners get married forcefully, or they have a previous love interest. Loyalty issues can create a huge problem in the marriage and eventually end up in a divorce. If you see any kind of signs of it, you must go for a post-matrimonial investigation.
  • ExtraMarital Affairs check - In today's world, polygamous people are coming out. The extramarital affair becomes a very common issue in the household. It is important to stay loyal in a relationship, and if you doubt your partner on this matter, a post-matrimonial investigation is the best option for you.
  • Testimony worthy information - Child custody is an important topic while going through a divorce. You must collect proper evidence, so you get the custody of your child and for that post-matrimonial investigation is the best option.

Our agency can offer you the best post-matrimonial investigation in Kolkata. Post-matrimonial investigation in India is now mushrooming as it is the best option to clear all your doubts about your partner. We are one of the top investigation agency in Kolkata, so if you're looking for a post-matrimonial investigation, we are the best option you can get in the city.


We always fulfil all the demands of our clients. The whole process is going to be extremely confidential. With numerous years of experience and with the best private detective, our service is highly rated. We also consider the economic background of the client and offer you the best deal.

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