Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation Services

In today’s highly competitive corporate world, businesses cannot afford to have their business information or formula stolen. This is particularly true for small businesses. Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd.’s corporate investigation services are centered on providing real-world solutions to such cases. We handle corporate cases professionally and discreetly. Our services can be availed by businesses of any size and belonging to any sector.

Pre and post-employment verification – Employees are the main asset of any company. But, if you don’t hire the right employee, you could end up making significant losses in your business. This can be avoided by conducting a thorough pre-employment verification. This is where we carry out a background check to match the information given on the CV. Also, we unearth any kind of hidden information that the candidate might be having. This can help you avoid negligent hiring.

But, that’s not all. We also offer post-employment verification services. If you have doubts on any of your employees, we can confidentially conduct an investigation. Whether you doubt your employee to be involved in industrial espionage, embezzlement or fraud, we will find it out.

Undercover operation – If your business is a victim of corporate espionage, employee theft or intellectual property theft, we can solve these problems for you with our advanced corporate investigation techniques.

Due diligence – When you are embarking on a new business venture, signing a new deal or entering a new business partnership, it is wise to conduct a due diligence investigation.

Insurance investigation – Insurance frauds are nothing new, but fraudsters are getting smarter by the day. We can help investigation insurance claims and make sure that they’re not fraudulent.

IPR and brand protection – Has someone used your personal/corporate data without your permission? Have they stolen the logo design of your company? Or your business idea? Count on us to protect your intellectual property right and brand.

Asset verification – Our asset verification services can be availed to check the value of assets before putting your money down. We can also find out if your asset is disputed and such other details. For more information, get in touch with us.

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