Personal Investigation Services

Personal Investigation Services

Personal Investigation Services

The number of divorce cases being filed in India is rising at an exponential rate. Property disputes and people going missing are another areas where diligent investigation services are required. For any personal investigation requirement, you can depend on Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. We offer investigative services for all kinds of personal matter.

Pre-matrimonial investigation – Getting married without a background check of the groom/bride as well as the family can prove to be a mistake in the future. Marriage scams are rampantly rising in India, along with domestic violence cases. The best way to prevent such problems, let us carry out a thorough check.

Pots-matrimonial investigation – If you doubt your spouse or your in-laws and need concrete proof, we can investigate it for you. Our investigation will be confidential. If your doubts are unfounded, your partner or his/her family will never come to know of it. Our post-matrimonial checks include finding out if your partner is having an affair, cheating on you or plotting something against you.

Loyalty test investigation – We conduct loyalty test investigations discreetly. If you wish to check whether your family, friend, colleague or partner is faithful to you, let us know. We will set up a series of tests and bring you the report.

Missing person tracking – Do you need to locate someone from your school or college? Have you lost touch with any member of your family and wish to find them? There are times when people make it difficult to find them. They are not on social media, change their phone numbers or house address. In such situations, our detectives can help you.

Surveillance – Do you wish to know the whereabouts of someone? At Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd, we provide surveillance or shadowing services. We will monitor the behavior of the target and gather information without the target being aware.

Handwriting verification – Need proof that the handwriting match? Fraudsters and scammers are everywhere. It doesn’t hurt to be sure. Our handwriting verification service will give you the confidence of authenticity.

Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd. is committed to helping people out with their personal investigation needs.

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