Post-Matrimonial Investigation

If you are looking for a professional detective agency in Kolkata who can provide you with concrete evidence about the alleged affairs of your partner or his innocence, Aastha Investigation Agency Pvt. Ltd., is simply the name to trust. Before the infidelity of your spouse or partner starts threatening your peace of mind or sanity, verify the facts and obtain adequate evidence if you ever feel that they are engaged in an extra-marital affair. Even if our investigation officers discloses that whatever you suspected was wrong, the evidence of your partner’s innocence can help a great deal in saving your relationship and marriage. Falsely accusing your partner can bring a permanent breakdown in your marital life or relationship.

Obtaining evidence about the alleged affairs of your marital partner can help you during divorce and divorce settlement cases. Covert surveillance is conducted by our investigators to provide you with concrete proof of your partner’s suspicious behavior and activities. We will share with you the identity of your partner’s love interest, where they are spending time together and even the duration. Discreet and Confidential Investigations to Expose Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife. We understand that an extra marital affair investigation is a sensitive matter for you and ensure complete secrecy of the job. Extreme care is taken so that the person targeted doesn’t become aware that he is being spied upon. This will not put the trust your partner or his/her family has on you at risk. Photographs and video evidence are provided by our skilled field agents whenever possible.

The process is as follow:

  • 1. Identify the suspect
  • 2. Observing the activities and habits of the suspect
  • 3. Send our agents to build friendship and relationships with the suspect
  • 4. Agent will make a video and photo of everything that happened between them and the surrounding of the suspect
  • 5. Criminal activity
  • 6. Submit the documentary evidence for legal support




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